There are disturbing reports that Americans and even the African Americans believe that people from Africa are ugly and can not speak English.

The disturbing thing is that they are Africans in America and they do not educate themselves about their roots and where they come from.

They believe that Africans are so poor, smelly and ugly while others believe that there are no phones in Africa.

Rapper Emtee penned down his frustrations about what African Americans think about Africa.


Over six years ago a major US career, Delta was under fire after congratulating the US world cup team on a victory over Ghana.

They used a giraffe to represent the African country of Ghana which was very stereotypical. Americans believe that Africa is only wild animals and wild flowers.

Delta apologised because Ghana did not even have wild giraffes. A few years ago Black Coffee was also fighting against this stereotype.

Whenever they talk about Africa, the only thing they show will be bushes and wild animals.