The award-winning fashion designer Rich Mnisi had jaws dropping recently when he revealed his 2021 collection.

Titled Hiya Kaya 21, this collection celebrates the vaTsonga.

It consists of Colliding Cities Bomber Jackets, night hoodies and forecast track pants, wave blouses and the most talked-about item, the xibelani skirt.


The xibelani skirt is crafted from 5km of 100% merino wool, knotted on to nickel-plated d-rings and is attached to a leather waist belt made of 100% genuine calf nappa, which could be the reason it costs R59 999.

While some people are now used to Rich Mnisi being a luxury brand, others are still shocked at his prices.

“MaXhosa and Rich Mnisi isn’t for everyone hey. Like it’s okay that their prices are like that because those are luxury brands just like Gucci or Fendi.

People that afford just swipe and leave. Honestly, the chat is tired, ” commented @OhMyDaysKamo.

Another Twitter user, @Ms_Everythin supports Mnisi’s vision.