Not so long ago a lady revealed on Twitter that Themba Nkosi aka Dj Euphonik and Thato Sikwane aka DJ Fresh had allegedly r_aped her.

The lady said the two must acknowledge that they drugged her, got her drunk and then r_aped her while she was completely blacked out.

She further said she was a virgin when the incident occurred. Adding on, the lady said she took anxiety medication in order for her to expose the two DJs who both work at radio station 947.

DJ Fresh came out denying the allegations, he said that he did not even know the lady while Dj Euphonik said they were waiting for the case number regarding the r_ape case.


According to the Sunday World, the lady told the publication that she and her friends ended up at a party where the alleged r_ape took place.

She has since opened a police case against the duo after backlash from social media users.

Details she gave to the publication reveal that they met in 2011 while visiting her friend who was friends with DJ Fresh.