Prince Kaybee finally spoke about his life on the Braai With AKA. He revealed shocking details about himself and his family.

Prince Kaybee has 35 siblings meaning that he is the 36th one. He also revealed that he has so many children that he can not even count.

He told AKA that he was a bright student at school but he had to drop out. His Afrikaans teacher would ask him to drive her car to the next class.

One day during break time he drove the car to the field and started spinning it as other students cheered him. Unfortunately that ended up in a school hearing that led to his expulsion from school.

Lucky enough, Kenny Kunene was his English teacher so he plugged him to the music industry which he later flourished in.

About his music Prince Kaybee said he doesn’t have a specific genre because he is the umbrella of the dance music thus it is possible for him to do any kind of music.