The ever famous socialite Genius Ginimbi Kadungure had a very painful death last year as his passengers burnt to ashes.

So many questions were left unanswered but one thing for sure was the fact that he was very rich and wealthy at a younger age.

From the all white parties that he used to host every once in a while, a wide range of fast luxurious cars to huge mansions and the soft life, Ginimbi experienced it all.

They do say that an educated man dies with his certificates but a rich man leaves a legacy behind.


Apparently the late Ginimbi’s wealth was inherited by his younger sister Nelia who is currently residing in Zimbabwe.

About 60 percent of his wealth and riches in every form was entrusted to Nelia’s hands and she is making sure to live up to her brother’s name.

Nelia is now one of the most famous well known faces in Zimbabwe living her best life with her brother’s inheritance.

The late Ginimbi and his sister Nelia have always been close, so the number of how much percentage was left in her hands is not a surprise at all.