The Daily Sun reports that a 22 year old Limpopo born artist Masedi Ramolefo said he was excited to see his friend on tv, unfortunately his friend Prince was performing their song Ngwaga.

The two used to record songs together, Masedi was shocked too see his friend on SABC 1’s Lockdown House Party on Saturday, the 16th of January 2021.

What was more shocking and confusing was that Masedi’s part on the song was sung by renowned Limpopo musician Makhadzi.

Immediately after the show Masedi decided to call his friend Prince to find out what was going on with their song and how Makhadzi had come into the equation.

According to Masedi, Prince said he re-recorded the song and decided to add Makhadzi instead of him.

Apparently the two worked on the song together in 2018 and 2019 before agreeing to add more artists in future since people were liking the song.

The disappointed Masedi revealed that he helped with writing of the song thus he deserved to be given some credit and also to be featured on the song.

When the Daily Sun contacted Prince Banza, he confirmed that he had recorded the song with Masedi before he removed his vocals for promotional purposes.

Prince Banza added that due to lockdown the song will be released next month and credit will be given to Masedi. He also said Masedi’s vocals will be included on the song.