The late bussiness tycoon Ginimbi Kadungure’s bussiness empire is crumbling. Fights over the control of the late Ginimbi’s businesses in Botswana are still raging on in courts.

Ginimbi’s gas company Quick Gases was ordered to cease it’s operations by the Botswana Energy Regulatory Authority (BERA).

The regulatory authority told the public on Friday last week that Quick Gases Pty Ltd has stopped trading in liquid petroleum gas pending the outcome of the court regarding Ginimbi’s estate.

The court battle is between the Executor of Ginimbi’s estate, Patricia Darangwa and Kadungure’s family, Leo Chiweshe whom Kadungure appointed to manage the assets in Botswana through a power of attorney.


Following Ginimbi’s death in November 2020, Darangwa was appointed the Administrator of the Kadungure Estate. The companies include Quick Gases (Pty) Ltd and Matiflex Oils (Pvt) Ltd.

Chiweshe is refusing to hand over control of the estate to the Kadungure family thus Darangwa wants the court to nullify the power of attorney given to Chiweshe.

Genius Ginimbi Kadungure passed on in the early morning hours of Sunday the 8th of November 2020 when his Rolls Royce Wraith collided with a Honda fit before hitting a tree and bursting into flames.