As the second wave of Covid-19 hit the country many are left in trembles of what is next as many South Africans lose their family members on a daily basis.

This has caused fear in the lives of many and the former Muvhango actress Florence Masebe is one of the very terrified people.

She announced that she will not be having any family gatherings in December last year because she is choosing to stay safe and alive.

Many people were lenient on her guts towards Covid this last festive but Florence was not willing to let any guard down.

The actress asked a question to her followers regarding Covid-19. Why are you not afraid of Covid?

The question caused a stir on Twitter as some revealed just how they think that the virus is a scam after all.

A tweep asked her a question aswell on why she is so scared of the virus. She revealed that she has a chronic respiratory condition therefore she may not survive Covid-19 if she gets infected.