Lindiwe, who played the role of Sharon on Lockdown, died in her sleep on the morning of January 11 due to health complications.

Nomsa took to her Facebook Live saying she needed to talk because the death of a friend and former colleague left her heavy-hearted and lonely.

The actress, who broke down several times in the video, expressed how devastated she was by Lindiwe’s death.

Nomsa wondered out loud whether the adoration that filled social and mainstream media platforms translated to the money Lindiwe had left for her family.

She spoke about how artists are still struggling to get what is due to them, saying that Lindiwe was all over TV channels but her family could have nothing to show for it.

Having observed all the love Lindiwe has been showered with in death, Nomsa felt compelled to tell her fans that she would rather be celebrated now, when she is still alive, and not when she has left the building.

“Do not buy me flowers when I am gone, show me now that you love me and that I have a place in your heart. Do not post my pictures when I am gone, tell me now that you love me and show me,” she said.