Songstress Kelly Khumalo has come out urging people to pray against Covid-19. She also questioned why the government is not encouraging people to pray for the end of the deadly virus.

South Africa leads in the total number of Covid-19 infections and deaths in Africa. The country’s infection toll has surpassed 1million thus Khumalo is calling for prayers against the disease.

Kelly Khumalo said that the world needed God now more than ever. She also said people can call her crazy but that won’t stop her from urging South Africans to seek God’s intervention.

She posted a video on her Instagram account saying people must wear masks and practice social distancing. She also said the alcohol ban may help things to go down.

She went further to say no scientist is going to create miracles besides God himself. This is not the first time that Kelly Khumalo has pleaded with South Africans to pray.