It is very unusual to hear a story of a mother who abandons their child elsewhere and goes to stay somewhere else even if it’s just a year if not held up by a job or sickness.

On Muvhango Susan’s life slightly relates to her upbringing. The actress revealed that she was raised by a village because her mother was very absent in her life.

She went on to explain that she was raised by her relatives who would treat her like an outsider.

According to Maumela Mahuwa her mother disappeared for five years without anyone knowing where she went resulting in them becoming total strangers.

In Mahuwa’s life her mother returned to move in with her and the two never made it to be close.

She added that her mother never told her that she loved her until she was in her thirties.

The actress recalls the time when her mother told her classmates that Maumela is that dark because she does not bath which hurt her feelings a lot.