On November 2020, award winning musician Simphiwe Dana came out to announce that she is a lesbian and also manifested a future with her girlfriend, opera singer Pumeza Matshikiza.

“I know coming out means Africa will block me but after a lot of thinking I’m okay with it. I’m marrying a woman and I’ve never been happier”, she said.

Revealing the woman who has captured her heart, Simphiwe posted a picture of her girlfriend and said she is marrying her.

A month later she came with a thread of pictures which included herself and her girlfriend showing that the two are now engaged.

Their fans are just as happy and already asking about the big day of which Simphiwe has already given out a hint that her fiancee wants a much bigger ring.

The two got engaged right after a romantic hot air balloon ride. Right at the end of their ride there was a banner written ‘would you marry me’.

Although there is still hatred towards them, more than anything we pray for strength, healing and peace, congratulations to Simphiwe Dana and her fiancee.