Mzansi rapper Rouge has had enough with the criticism and has finally clapped back.

A fan decided to come at Rouge sideways and she wasn’t having it.

Rouge started her career at the age of 19 and has a degree from the University of Pretoria in Drama and Film.

She released her first studio project in 2017 and has a few awards under her belt, including a SAMA.

A Twitter user, @Charmzo_man, told Rouge that she should quit rapping and focus on getting a “proper” job.

Rouge clapped back at a Twitter user who told her to quit rapping and get a “real job”.

The 28-year-old rapper retaliated and said: “I literally get paid to stay home and tweet something, to party for no reason, to say I like something, because of my screaming and dancing.”


The Twitter user replied to Rouge, with a clapback of his own: “At least nna I don’t scream for my pay, I don’t dance before I get paid.”

Rouge did not stop there and hit back at the user once again: “You’re trying to make what I do for a living seem sad. Impossible.”