Nambita Mpulwana who played the role of Mawande Memela on the well known Generations had disappeared for a while and she is now coming back to our screens.

Nambita was fired from Generations as she was one of the people who went on a strike for a salary increase being in demand.

She then took on a role in Ashes to Ashes and soon disappeared after that. Fans can now be rest assured that she will be back.

The actress will be part of the cast in the new series called The Kingdom which is set to consist of bible parables and depicts characters who struggle with finding their power.

Nambita will be playing the role of Angel named Josephine who lives in a rural town called Kingdom and has been sent to help six individuals find heaven on earth.

The series is set to start on the 10th of January 2021. Her come back means a lot to her fans as they are celebrating it and are rooting for her to get more gigs.