DJ Lamiez Holworthy has Twitter split this week.

The war of opinions came after the TV personality took to Twitter sharing how some people felt a sense of urgency over your money when they are in need of help.

“You cannot need other people’s money urgently,” tweeted the star.

Those seven words sent the citizens of Twitter into a frenzy of opinions, with debate happening left, right and centre.


Many agreed with Lamiez, sharing their own experiences and anecdotes.
DJ Fresh chimed in with his thoughts on the matter, saying:

“One of the things that really blows my mind in my Facebook inbox is how aggressive and/or entitled some people feel! That time they are asking for your assistance. Sad,” tweeted Fresh.

The star also received backlash for her comments.

Many criticised Lamiez for not understanding others’ struggles, saying that perhaps she needs to reconsider her opinions from their point of view.