The Sowetan reports that an angry  Julius Malema shut down a petrol station that charged him R37 000 instead of R370, by mistake while filling up his car with petrol, for a whole day.

The manager at Tweefontein Total Garage in Limpopo, Barbara Lloyd, told the newspaper that the EFF leader arrived at the garage on Wednesday with three bodyguards and four other men and occupied the petrol pumps so that no one else could fill up their cars.

Malema spent 40 minutes walking around at the garage and instructed petrol attendants not to work.

Before he left Malema ordered the garage not to fire the employee that made the mistake and said if he came back and found the employee fired, he would close the garage again.

The mistake on Malema ‘a car happened on Sunday and the Garage had not paid back the money by Thursday.

Please read the dull story in today’s Sowetan Newspaper- 18 December 2020.