The CRL Rights Commission heard testimonies of women who are alleging to have been r_aped by Bishop Stephen Zondo.

On Tuesday 15 December, former church members of the Rivers of Living Water Ministries led by Zondo told the Commission how they suffered blackouts after being touched by Zondo.

They said when they regained consciousness they find him penetrating them. All these women said Zondo practised a Devine and rule strategy to create mistrust among the congregates so they don’t say a word to anyone.

Among the victims who spoke out there was a mother and a daughter, they said they were r_aped twice by Zondo and he told them he was getting rid of demons.

Sharing their ordeal the mom said the first r_ape occurred in 2015 when she was dropping off a church member at the church premises.

When they arrived they all stepped out of the car to greet him. He shook their hands one by one and when she came back to her senses she was naked and he was also naked bedding her in the office.

She added that a few weeks later Zondo called her to the office where he forced her to drink some bottled water. When she got back to her senses she was naked and he was also naked again.

She later shared her experiences with her daughter who also had her experiences to share. Her daughter revealed that the r_ape took place in Zondo’s office while she was passed out.

Another woman also told the Commission the same story, describing Zondo as evil.