King Goodwill Zwelithini’s eldest son Lethukuthula Zulu and his friends allegedly binged on cocaine and indulged in an orgy with a plethora of pr@stitutes hours before he was murdered at his Johannesburg home.

These details are allegedly contained in statements by four suspects arrested in connection with his murder last week.

In their bail application on Thursday 3 December 2020, accused (two) said on the day that Zulu was murdered she was at a cafe with the other accused getting drunk with Zulu and his friends.

After drinking they jumped into Zulu’s car and went to his apartment. She said Zulu wanted accused (one) and they disappeared into the bedroom.


Accused (two) was left with accused (four) as accused (three) suddenly disappeared into another room with the deceased’s friends.

In addition accused (two) revealed that she went to join accused (three) in the bedroom in order to entertain the deceased’s friends.

She also revealed that the deceased’s friends who sounded like Nigerians ordered some cocaine and they started sniffing the drugs with the deceased and his friends whilst indulging in s_exual intercourse.

Tshefogatso Moremane, 30, Margaret Koaile, 42, Portia Mmola, 28, Gontse Tlhoele, 30, and Dakalo Mbedzi, 32, are accused of being involved in the murder of the Zulu Prince.