Popular South African Comedian, Trevor Gumbi had a shocking interview on McG’s Youtube Channel and revealed a number of unknown secrets about himself.

Below are the key points of Trevor Gumbi’s discussion with McG.

1. Trevor Gumbi said he last spoke with Bricks when he appeared with him at Roodepoort Magistrate’s court. On the day Trevor Gumbi was appearing for speeding.
2. He says he has not spoken to Brickz since that day. He says he thought Brickz was given the name because he used to buy a lot of drugs.
3. On astrology, Gumbi said he does not believe that tens of thousands of people would share the same destiny.
4. Gumbi then spoke about growing up, in a women only household.
5. McG and Gumbi shared some unbelievable s_exual secrets of what they did when they were young.
6. Gumbi said he had not acted out his feelings with men but he finds other men attractive.
7. Gumbi said he said he was fired from an Outsurance call centre 3 times.
8. On Katlego Maboe, he wondered why Katlego confessed in a robe in summer?
9. Gumbi said he is looking forward to being 40.
10. He said he never thought he would reach the age of 40. He says he is now clean and his priority is his wife and kids.
11. Gumbi says he does not want to put his kids under pressure to succeed, he wants them to be happy with their choices.
12. Gumbi says he has been clean of d_rugs for 11 year, he went into re-hab in 2020 at Houghton house.
13. Gumbi said he checked himself into Houghton House when he realised he had hit rock bottom. He was on the verge of losing his family.
14. Gumbi said people should not think that because someone is in the public eye then they are elevated.
15. Gumbi said he was introduced to drugs when he worked for a call centre and he worked for tracker and a friend invited him to a party in the east rand. This was his first day to take dr_ugs.
16. Gumbi said he was taking he_roine and c_oca_ine.
17. Gumbi said the d_rugs made him feel superior. It fed the monster in him.
18. Gumbi said he was m_olested by a neighbor when he was a baby.
19. He said he grew up with that , questioning his sexuality and asking why it happened to him.
20. Gumbi said when he started dating he met his first wife, she had a car when in matric and she had a stable home. She taught him how to drive and he got a licence.
21. Gumbi said she would give him directions when he was driving and he would blow up bacuse of that and they would fight all the time.
22. Gumbi said the fact that his father not there when he was young was  one of the roots for his problems.
23. Gumbi said when he did drugs, he weighed 140kg because they bloated him.
24. He said he was always depressed for days after the high.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.