It was awkward for SomK’s first wife Bayede when she was requested to give a speech at the second wife Nombuso’s is’godo.

Bayede nailed it with humour and in the speech she told Nombuso that every family has got their issues thus she must  not air their dirty laundry in the public.

She revealed that they are always laughing as sister wives but they lock horns at times because of Nombuso’s hot head and misunderstandings.

Bayede said if there is no peace between the wives the husband parishes and the children aswell. She added that as wives they must always respect each other.


SomK said his first wife kneels down whenever she is serving him food as a sign of respect. He then said Nombuso does whatever she likes.

He revealed that when he requested for food Nombuso continued chatting with her friends and family as if she heard nothing.

But Bayede being the first wife and the most respectful wife jumps in to prepare a quick meal for her husband. SomK ended up surprising Nombuso with a birthday celebration and a car