Sunday World reports that the late Mshoza ‘s sisters and her husband, Prince Mziwandile Dlamini, fought publicly at a local funeral palour, over money.

Thando, who is the older sister and Seipati, who is the younger sister, went to the funeral palour to wash Mshoza’ s body and get her death certificate.

The funeral palour told them that only Prince Dlamini could get the death certificate as he and Mshoza were seperated but legally still married.

The funeral palour called Prince Dlamini to inform him that there were people who were looking for Mshoza’s death certificate and he rushed there.

The Sunday world said on arrival, a fight ensured between him and the sisters. Thando lost her Kool and slapped Dlamini, resulting in her arrest.

Dlamini is said to have refused to reimburse the R100 000 that Thandi’s husband paid for the funeral even though he is the one who has signing rights over everything (including policies and SAMRO royalties).

Please read the full story in today’s Sunday world – 29 November 2020.