The four women suspected of killing Zulu Prince, Lethukuthula Zulu (50), were also identified by another man who was drugged and Robbed by four women when they appeared in court.

Prince Zulu, a son of King Goodwill Zwelithini and Queen Sibongile MaDlamini , was found dead on the 6th of November in his townhouse. His housemate was found passed out in anothee room in the townhouse.

It was revealed that Prince Zulu and his housemate had brought home four women after a night of drinking. Police suspect that Prince Zulu was given a drink laced with poison.

The women made off with cash, cellphones and other electronic devices, some of which were identified by investigators.

Another victim of the four women also came forward and identified the women and explained how they work.

Thando Ndaba (38), told the Daily Sun Newspaper that he and three friends picked up the women at Louis Cafe in Cosmo City and drove with them to a complex in Honeydew.

He revealed that the he and his three friends were drugged during a kissing game in which the girls would use sweets during the kiss.

After the kissing game, the men passed out and woke up the next morning to find their valuables have been stolen.

Ndaba said he suspects that the women used grandpa headache pills, which they bought on the way to the townhouse, to avoid passing out during the kissing game.

Ndaba said he went to the Randburg Magistrate’s Court where he identified the women when the appeared for the murder of Prince Zulu.

He confirmed that the same women who drugged him and his three friends are the ones that were in court for the Prince Zulu murder.

Police revealed that a total of five suspects, four women, whose ages range from 27 to 42, and a 32-year old man have been arrested in Pretoria.