Skeem Saam’s Meneer Manaka whose real name is Skhumbuzo Mbatha was wrongfully arrested over the weekend while having some drinks with friends.

He saw a lady who looked emotionally hurt and approached her. Skhumbuzo said the lady told him that she was emotionally not okay and was ready to go home however she didn’t want to disappoint her friends.

Later she asked the actor for a lift and he had no problem doing that. As he drove out of the parking lot she asked if they could stop by at another place.

When they got there she got out of the car promising not to waste much of the actor’s time. When she returned to the car she was frightened but he did not ask what had happened.

The following day a police officer asked Skhumbuzo to come to the police station. The lady apparently had smashed her estranged husband’s car with a brick before scratching the car with a metal object.

Skhumbuzo was at the wrong place at the wrong time as the police thought he was the lady’s accomplice.