Bonang Matheba is a radio host, television star and a businesswoman. With that said Queen B is one of the richest female celebrities in South Africa.

Bonang Matheba has a house that is situated in Waterfall City in the Midrand area. The house is estimated to be worth R6 000 000.

The house comes with a pool and next to it is a patio with a lounging area. There are couches and scatteredĀ  pillows where she also takes a lot of pictures whilst relaxing.

The patio is adjoined with the living room where she dines. There is a beautiful fireplace in one of the lounges. She has two lounges one with a greyish colour and the other is pink.

As a bachelorette the house doesn’t have a huge kitchen. The staircase wall has all her magazine covers all the way to the upstairs.

The house has a sitting area upstairs where one can relax and read magazines. There is a closet filled with her designer apparel from Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and more.

The house has two huge guest bedrooms with nice linen. Her bedroom is beautiful with nice paintings on the wall and a good view of the outside area. She also has a beautiful ensuite bathroom.