Musa Mseleku’s third wife MaKhumalo felt she needed some love and met up with her sisters whom she referres as her confidants.

With a whole open wound of her infertility chaos in her marriage, she felt she needed to speak to  someone who will reprimand her if need be.

Musa has been coming up with several solutions to solve the elephant in the room. His solution is to marry a 5th wife from the Khumalo family to fill in the gap for MaKhumalo’s household.

MaKhumalo is not sure if the new woman will be willing to give up her child because they tried other wives but no one was willing to give up their child.

MaKhumalo feels like every time Mseleku speaks about having another wife, he will be mentioning MaKhumalo’s name to get his way.

She spoke about MaYeni who vowed to leave with her children if a 5th wife is added. MaYeni said she will leave so that the remaining wives could have as many children as they want with Mseleku.

MaKhumalo said MaYeni’s response was hurtful considering that she knows that MaKhumalo is unable to conceive.