Emtee took to social media to open up about being allegedly abused by his wife Nicole Chinsomy.

The rapper shared that the mother of his two children has allegedly choked and bruised him over the years.

He even said he was tweeting from his friend’s place because she allegedly took the keys to their home and left.

He also claimed that his bae has called the police twice on him in the past, claiming that he beat her up several times.

Tweeps have shared mixed reactions to Emtee’s claims.

@Eazyman_100 said: “Sort it out quickly before she does to you what that other lady did to Sjava.”

@Tigigity wrote: “Try to get evidence in your favour next time, take a video, record an audio, whatever that will help clear your name. Be on the safe side.”

@LwaziGB commented: “Leave bro and never look back. A toxic relationship will slow you down and make you lose focus, trust me I know. Try and get/share custody of them kids.”