Mother of two and wife of Zakes Bantwini, Nandi Madida (Mngoma), spoke to McG about her life and career on Thursday 5 November 2020:

Key Points:

  1. Nandi says she met Zakes at the the SAMA nomination party.
  2. She said she loved his music, this was after he had produced his big hits like clap your hands, la la la and she was a huge fans.
  3. It was her birthday and he asked for her number.
  4. He came at the right time, when she started working on all access.
  5. She had previously tried to work with him and he was too expensive and hard to get.
  6. Ntando said she has only dated 2 guys. Her ex was an accountant at a big bank.
  7. Zakes was very understanding and caring and helped her with her career.
  8. Ntando says they changed their marriage contract because they are now doing things internationally and there was too many .
  9. Ntando says she has assets of her own and the newspapers lied that she had none when reporting on their change of marriage contract.
  10. Ntando says she and Zakes are in love and are not in the marriage for each other’s marriage.
  11. Zakes is the kind of man who pays for everything. He is a true Zulu man.
  12. Ntando says she is not a role model and Zakes is not a role model. They have all made a lot of mistakes.
  13. Ntando says Zakes lived before he met her.
  14. Nandi revealed that she has met many famous people during her career including Beyonce, Pharel, Jack Dosey.
  15. Nandi said Working with Beyonce was life changing. She said Beyonce was down to earth and humble and is someone who wants people to do well. She met Beyonce while shooting Black is King.
  16. Nandi said she was pregnant when she performed at Global citizen and did not meet Beyonce there. She has an NDA with Beyonce.
  17. She says Afro punk was like family to her. Nandi says she was the first black person to host Afro punk on stage. Now that she is doing music, Nandi says she wants to perform there.
  18. Nandi says the CEO of twitter, Jack Dosey, is following her. She sent him a DM and he responded!
  19. She was 15 in 2003 when she was on Bling. In 2004 , Nandi auditioned for Live and lost out to Minnie Dlamini. Three months later she auditioned for Channel O and lost out to Dineo Moeketsi.
  20. She did pageants when she was a child, through her late cousin. Nandi said she did these pageants with Minnie. She said she made a lot of money but does not know how she spent it.
  21. Nandi said everyone had to start somewhere, as an example, Bonang is big now but started out on K-Tv (The rush), where she was an extra. McG revealed that Trevor Noah used to come to Red Pepper because he used to date Salamina.
  22. Black people do not have economic freedom. Black people have been conditioned to have a little.
  23. Ntando says she does not have issues with weaves, but she wants people to be comfortable with their own hair.
  24. The culture in South African companies need to change when it comes to beauty products for African women.
  25. Nandi’s favourite books are by Steve Biko, Mohammed Ali, Oprah
  26. Her sister is studying to be a psychiatrist
  27. Amaru and Lux, there were summons and there was money outstanding. The matter is still in court.
  28. She hopes Amaru makes amends and changes his ways.

Please watch the video above for more details.