Duduzane Zuma, son of the former South African President, Jacob Zuma, held an explosive interview with Newzroom Afrika this morning. Dudzane confirmed that he now lives in Dubai and is working there independently by himself.

Key Points

  1. Duduzane says he left South Africa for Dubai because his bank accounts were closed.
  2. He said he is no longer doing business with the Gupta family.
  3. He last spoke to the Guptas before the lockdown.
  4. Duduzane says he does not regret doing business with the Guptas.
  5. He has learnt a lot from the Guptas and they exposed him to many opportunities
  6. Duduzane says he resigned from the partnerships that he was involved in with the Guptas.
  7. Duduzane said he was arrested for fraud, money laudnering and faced those charges.
  8. Dudzane said he worked in a collective when he worked with the Guptas.
  9. Duduzane refused to say what business he is doing in Dubai.
  10. Duduzane says he is not living off the proceeds of crime in Dubai.
  11. He says he is not a criminal, but he has instead helped a lot of people.
  12. Tshepiso and Thato Magashule are his friends and did business with him.
  13. South African police flouted processes when trying to extradite the Guptas
  14. The law in South Africa has assumed him to be guilty without due process
  15. The South African police can come and visit him as he is in South Africa
  16. There was a resolution not to do business with government by the group. At the end there were some contracts to do with mining.
  17. The AAN7 and New Age Newspaper were benefiting from government advertising. Duduzane says Government should assist new media channels and that is not corruption.
  18. Duduzane Zuma will not cross-examine Mcebisi Jonas or Ngaoko Ramathlodi and others who accused him at the State Capture enquiry.
  19. Duduzane says the Zondo commission is a political tool that is not focusing on corruption
  20. The Zondo commission’s terms of refence and the scope shows that its not serious about corrutpion.
  21. Duduzane Zuma has never met Raymond Zondo before he was put before the commission.
  22. David Mabuza is still not picking up Duduzane’s calls even though he helped Mabuza when he had a medical emergency.
  23. Mabuza was poisoned and he needed to get medical help in Russia.
  24. Duduzane feels betrayed as he saw Mabuza as a father.
  25. Duduzane says he did not regret disclosing tne fact that Mabuza was poisoned as the same poisoning also happened to his father.
  26. Duduzane says he is not aware of the January 8 killing project.
  27. The perception that he is living in Dubai with money stolen from South Africa is false.