Andile Ngcaba, a former Dimension Data Executive foe Middle East And Africa, is suing the company for R430 Million at the Johannesburg High Court , claiming that the company discriminated against him, by paying other executives more.

Ngcaba said this was despite him having a verbal agreement with former global CEO, Brett Dawson, that he would be paid equally to other executives.

Ngcaba’s lawsuits is brocken down as follows:

R261 Million – Executive Directors, including his juniors, were benefiting from a long term incentive from which he was excluded.

R170 Million – Ngcaba says DiData unfairly discriminated against him on the grounds of race

R 10 Million – Ngcaba is claiming damages because he says when he demanded equal treatment, he was refused payment because he already had BEE shares.

Andile Ngcaba is a former Director General In the department of communications.

Please read the full story in the Sowetan – 6 November 2020