Musa Mseleku went for a hike but with only two wives out of the four. Before they started hiking Mseleku started airing another wife’s dirty laundry.

Apparently between MaKhumalo and MaNgwabe one of them tried to get Musa Mseleku’s phone password in a manipulative way.

One of the wives said another wife has Mseleku’s phone password and knows everything about his whereabouts thus she also wants to get access to his phone aswell.

MaCele said she doesn’t care about his phone password and all she wants is his bank pins. MaYeni also confessed that she also doesn’t want Mseleku’s password.

Musa added that this wife might poison other wives because of the way she views them. This wife supposedly calls herself makhwapheni (side chick) because she can’t access Mseleku’s phone like the other wives.