City Press reports that a KwaZulu-Natal traditional Healer (69), who gave three Senzo Meyiwa hitmen muthi, before and after the murder, now fears for his life.

The inyanga said he was interrogated by police earlier this year and told them what he knew.

He told City Press that in 2014, three men came to his house and asked for muthi. They told him they were feuding with a business rival.

He gave them Intelezi to use when bathing and was paid R5000 for his services.

After a few days, they came back and told him they wanted to be cleansed as they had killed someone.

He says he only realised that the men murdered Senzo Meyiwa after he found one of the men who had consulted with him in 2014 at the police station when he was taken in for questioning.

Intelezi is used to protect warriors in battle and to protect people from gunshots.

Please read the full story in today’s City Press – 1 November 2020