The Sunday Times reports that Thandile Sunduza, the LA Consul General, and Shadrack Nepfumbada, a senior consular official, have fallen out over her demands.

The newspaper reports that Nepfumbada claims that Thandile, who arrived 10 months ago, has so far refused to move into any of the 30 houses that she has been taken to see.

The matter is now a subject of Parliamentary committee investigation, which has recommended that Nepfumbada be recalled.

In a letter to the committee, Thandile wrote that Nepfumbada wanted to destroy. Sabotage, frustrate and make her fail.

Thandile wrote that she and her daughter are currently living in an apartment with dirty mats, falling curtains and are sleeping on the floor.

On his part, Nepfumbada wrote to SA’s ambassador to the USA, Nomalinda¬† Mfeketo, that… It seems her main focus is to get a big house located in Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

According to the Sunday Times, Rodeo Drive houses the most expensive stores in the USA, and is home to Hollywood superstars and filmmakers.

South Africa has four missions in the USA, the Embassy in Washington and consular offices in Chicago New York and LA.

Nepfumbada has now been summoned to South Africa to explain himself.

Please read the full story in today’s Sunday Times – 1 November 2020