Famous duo media personality Moshe Ndiki and musical artist Phelo Bala were perfectly fine in everyone’s eyes until they suddenly broke up.

They confessed of their relationship troubles as they bashed each other on social media  including police cases of assault and so on.

A few weeks ago Phelo Bala came out to confess how much he missed his ex partner Moshe Ndiki on all his social media platforms.

Stories started going around that the pair was back together but neither of them entertained it.

Moshe posted a video on his Insta stories talking about how he is not supposed to be up at that time but couldn’t have done it otherwise since his partner’s big head have been laying on his chest the whole time.

The video only showed his head and an eye and that is evidence enough to show that Moshe Ndiki and Phelo Bala have mended fences and are back together and are madly in love with flying colours.