Jub Jub trended on Twitter after calling a conference to introduce to the world the Jub Jub that God has handcrafted in the years in and after prison.

The singer started by showing appreciation to his parents and South Africa as a whole for being so forgiving and giving him a second chance.

The  musician and presenter said he went through a dark path in his life. He revealed that he has not communicated with the families that were deeply cut by the accident that took place.

He said the law does not allow him to do so. Jub Jub revealed that he is a child of God therefore he only does things in God’s timing.

He called people to the stage who helped him during the difficult times. One of them being Bishop Benjamin Dube who is part of those who donated since Jub Jub was broke.

Dr Rebecca Malope, Black Diamond, Nathi and Mlindo were also mentioned by Jub Jub.