South Africans were shocked last Friday after Monique Muller revealed that media personality Katlego Maboe was cheating and abusing her.

Since then Maboe has been a hot topic with brands severing ties with him. He was also sent packing at SABC where he worked as a presenter.

His partner accused him of infecting her with an STD. Now there is a petition to save Katlego Maboe and his career at this moment.

Some people are saying what happened between Maboe and Monique is part of their private bedroom life and must not concern others including his work.

In addition to that Katlego’s supporters are calling for Outsurance to reinstate Maboe because failure to do so will lead them boycotting Outsurance.

The petition has so far gained more than 35 000 signatures with the goal set at 50 000.

Katlego still stands with his initial statement where he denies being abusive towards Monique.