On a podcast with MacG, Kelly Khumalo refused to answer questions concerning her relationship with her sister Zandile whom she divorced publicly.

Jub Jub was interviewed a while ago and revealed that Kelly Khumalo was blocking him from seeing their son Christian ever since he got released from prison.

Kelly said it herself that Jub Jub is not needed. Kelly said she will not deny a man to see his child if the man tries and makes an effort.

“I lack nothing and my son lacks nothing so we are fine”, Kelly Khumalo said to MacG when he asked about Jub Jub.

When asked what she would do when Jub Jub comes looking for his son, the songstress said it required Jub Jub owning to his past mistakes.

She added that Jub Jub must  make amends with her and apologise to her family and ancestors including the slaughtering of an animal.