Famous television presenter Katlego Maboe was yesterday exposed on a video that has since gone viral for cheating on his wife with his colleague and friend Nikkita Murray.

The wife’s brother brought receipts on Instagram saying Katlego was abusing his sister and was also threatening him for defending his sister.

Monique’s brother revealed that Katlego cheated when his sister was pregnant. He added that the STD that he infected her with has activated cancer cells in Monique’s womb thus she might not be able to concieve.

In the video Katlego’s wife Monique Muller could be heard threatening to walk away from the marriage if her husband fails to reveal the name of the person whom he cheated with.

Katlego Maboe And His wife Monique with their son

Monique said Katlego would not be able to see his son ever. She could also be heard saying Katlego gave him a s_exual transmitted disease. After the threats Katlego revealed that he slept with Nikkita.