Shawn Mkhize, the richest black woman in South Africa, had a question and Answer session with the Sowetan Newspaper while celebrating her recognition from the Hollywood and African Prestigious Awards (HAPA). Here are some of her answers!

Q: If you were not afraid, what would you do?

A: I would become a female President

Q: What Always make you laugh

A: A lot of things make me laugh but more so when my son tells me a story or gives me umgosi o’shisayo! The way he narrates a story truly paints a picture. It makes me laugh.

Q: Is there a secret talent you have that people don’t know?

A: Yes, I am a great cook!

Q: Any Favourite thing you do before going to bed 

A: I love to respond to my fans.

Q: What Does The World Need More Of?

A: Female Leaders

Q: What would you never be caught wearing in public? 

In just my underwear

Please read the full story in the Sowetan – 22 October 2020.