Popular Musician, Dr Malinga, is furious after his laptop was stolen.

Malinga told the Daily Sun that the people who stole his laptop sold it for R800 in Pretoria CBD, when he bought it for R22 000.

He told the newspaper that the laptop had his new music on it.

However, the man accused of stealing the laptop says he didn’t take it and  was made to spend 4 days in jail for nothing.

Thapelo Morolle told the Daily Sun that his brother in law brought the laptop home after Malinga had forgotten it in a car.

Morolle says his brother in law asked him to charge the laptop and did so.

His brother in law later came back and took the laptop.

The next day, his brother in law came back with Dr Malinga and demanded that he give them the laptop.

Please read the full story in today’s Daily Sun – 2 October 2020