Actress and media personality Ntando Duma is obsessed with raising her daughter into a little independent girl.

The actress melts the hearts of her followers by sharing videos and pictures of her and Sbahle doing different things. With that said one would think the actress has no love life.

It seems like Ntando has managed to keep that part of her life a secret ever since she broke up with the father of her daughter Junior De Rocka.

She recently shared in her Insta stories a gesture of love from her new man. Ntando walked everyone through what he had done for her.


The actress blushed as she showed roses and candles on the floor directing her to a bed with rose petals on top which spelt I love you.

She also posted a picture of her and the mystery man standing beside the bed but his face was covered with a heart emoji.

She inscribed the picture saying, “with my heart and soul. I love you”.

Ntando expressed how happy and in love she is with him. However she explained that it was very intentionally to hide his face because she does not feel like showing him off.