Former Generations actress, Noluvuyo Sodela (26), told the Sowetan that she did not make any money as an actress and turned to stri_pping to make a living.

Noluvuyo, who acted as Bongi in Generations, The Legacy, said at first she was ashamed to tell her mother the truth and lied that she was a waitress.

However, she eventually told her mother, who is now her strongest supporter!


This weekend, Noluvuyo hosted a show called izeifebe ezi Covid free at her house and she says she made R2400 in one day!

Noluvuyo, who is very active on Facebook, also has an onlyfans account where she shows her fans more of herself.

In one of her posts, Noluvuyo wrote:

I’m glad that I had to call it off and never got married. Life has thought me other direction but marraige its not my priority ,its a trap of my freedom to express my self and generate money.
At the age of 25 I had to heal emotional and mental and start over.

I got a big balls too in a relationship I can’t settle for less ,I’m so addicted to be independent and living my best life.

Please read the full story in today’s Sowetan Newspaper – 12 October 2020