Popular female entrepreneur, DJ Zinhle (Zinhle Jiyane) , says she loves business. She was speaking  on eNCA after she announced this week that she is now CEO of Boulevard Nectar Rosè wine.

DJ Zinhle revealed that the wine is a Nectar Rosè and is priced at R199 a bottle . She said the wine  is affordable and is targeting celebrations such as graduations and birthdays.

DJ Zinhle said she has been working on her businesses for the past 7 years and thanked her team for being dedicated in supporting her and her new projects such as the watch which she launched in 2019.

DJ Zinhle said women in South Africa constantly have to prove themselves but in her case, she has been in the industry for over 16 years and she feels she has done all that is needed to be considered her own woman.


DJ Zinhle said he baby Kairo is doing well and was very happy when she was home all the time during lockdown.

She said the lockdown made her realize the need to invest in something else as the bookings dried up under the strict lockdown regulations.

DJ Zinhle did the PJ online shows during the lockdown, and these ended up on TV.

She says she will be hosting a lot of marketing events at restaurants and clubs for her wine and asked South Africans to go out and taste her new wine.

As a last word, DJ Zinhle advised young girls to be authentic and be comfortable being themselves.