American rapper Bia has been accused of disrespecting Nasty C. Nasty C’s fans were quick to react to to Bia whom they thought was disrespecting Nasty C.

Bia posted on Twitter and said, “Who are some fire artists in South Africa I should link and collab with? Put me on.”

Nasty C’s fans then tagged him to the post and recommended Nasty C as one of the artists that Bia should collaborate with from South Africa.

Some fans said the American rapper was out of Nasty C’s league. Bia then posted screenshots of her views compared to those of Nasty C on YouTube.

Fans thought that was her way of disrespecting Nasty C and as a result they proved that Nasty C has more subscribers than Bia.

The American rapper said she was trying to show that numbers do not meant anything. Nasty C responded by saying he was not offended at all.