Popular dancer, Kamo Mphela, spoke to McG about growing up, living in Emdeni, Soweto with her mother, and then moving on to stay with her father, who is a member of the ZCC.

Kamo says although she does not like church, she has been to the ZCC shrine, at Mount Moriah, Limpopo.


Kamo says she is not currently dating. She says guys can not not just hit her and run as she wants someone stable. She says she once went on a boat cruise with friends and when she came back one man lied that she slept with him, although she is still a virgin.


She says she is attracted to bad boys. However, she does not go for blessers.

She says she has dated someone famous and she liked him. He likes famous girls, but she wont say who he is.

Dropping Out of Boston College

Kamo says she only did one year at Boston College. She wanted to be a dancer or presenter. People started taking videos of her and she went viral.

She dropped out after two months of the second year due to her new found fame and busy schedule as she started getting gigs.

Kamo said she wants to go back to Boston to study production because she believes the fame she currently has wont last, and she wants to have something to fall back on.

Leaving South Africa

Kamo says she does not want to stay in South Africa. She says she wants to go international and she feels South Africa is not her destination.

Kamo says the game in South Africa is not profitable and artists who leave south Africa do much better.

Kamo says she wants to leave Africa altogether, and even though its a big risk, she believes it’s worth it.

How She Made It

Kamo said she blew up after promoting Jobe by popular artist JR. Kamo says she believes in the saying, the harder you work, the luckier you get.

Getting Scammed

Kamo said JR wanted to sign her to his label but she did not because the terms were not favourable. This is why she does not feature in the Jobe video. Kamo says she has worked on some projects where she did not get paid, but does not want to say much about it.

Owning her own label

Kamo said she is not in the entertainment industry for money. She revealed that she is not signed to Major leagues and owns all her music.

Kamo has a driver who travels with her, but her father also takes her from place to place sometimes.

Current Project

Kamo says she is currently working with international artists such as Burna Boy on her new project and she will be travelling to Nigeria to complete the project.


Kamo says her Instagram account has brought her a lot of brand work after she revamped her image during the lockdown.

She has a massive reach, but she is surprised that a lot of people don’t “like”, although they watch.

How much does she charge?

Kamo says when she started she was charging R1000 for a feature on her instagram, then she went to R5000 and now she charges much more and she refused to reveal what she charges now.

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