The year 2019 was a rollercoaster for the Fergusons as they trended almost every week for all the bad reasons. There was even a #FergusonsMustFall.

A lot of their employees had a lot of negative things to say about them. Rami Chuene, Vatiswa Ndara and many more accused the Fergusons of mistreating their employees.

This time around a lot of people are singing a different tune about them. Nomsa Madida who has been Connie’s make-up artist for more than 10 years has funally spoken out.

She said Connie Ferguson is her idol. She went on to say the first thing that you establish when Connie enters a room is that she warmly greets everyone in the studio.

Nomsa also said Connie Ferguson speaks animatedly about work, life and her three year old grandson. She said the Fergusons were not bad as they were previously portrayed.