Twitter was set alite after Black Coffee embarrassed Prince Kaybee on Twitter. It all started when Kaybee tweeted that his numbers are bigger than most artists in the industry.

A tweep then responded by saying, “Bigger than Coffee.”

Prince Kaybee quickly replied, he said, “Waaay bigger mate, my numbers are crazy but because it’s me it won’t trend or get noticed.”

After seeing this Black Coffee responded by sending screenshots showing Prince Kaybee’s listeners and streams on Spotify in comparison to his streams and listeners on Spotify.

On Spotify Prince Kaybee has just over 180 thousand monthly listeners whereas Black Coffee has over 1,5 million listeners.

Prince Kaybee’s most streamed song ‘Face Your Life’ has just over 2,4 million streams whilst Black Coffee’s most streamed song ‘Drive’ has just over 51 million streams.