The Sunday Times reports that Discovery Health has fired 10 Female employees over a Whatsapp group chats.

The 10 Women wanted to achieve an office closure

One of the women, Chumani Solisi, told the Sunday Times that her dismissal after 2 years at Discovery has brought her family misery and financial hardships.

Another former employee, Nolitha Luki said she worked for Discovery for over 3 years without any misconduct.

Discovery CEO , Ryan Noach, said the women formed the whatsapp group with the intention to tarnish the image of Discovery  and achieve an office closure over Coronavirus fears and only two of the women were actually in isolation at the time.


Noach said the women wanted to get their office closed and were plotting in the group to achieve this.

The information was brought to the attention of Discovery by a participant in the group.

Please read the full story from today’s Sunday Times – 30 Aug 2020