The Supreme Court of appeal will hear former President Jacob Zuma’s appeal of the 2018 Pretoria High Court judgement ordering him to pay his own legal fees.

This relates to his failed bid to review the remedial action of the Public Protector’s State of Capture report.

Zuma is arguing that it’s unfair and discriminatory to withhold state funds for his litigation.

The DA Party took the matter to court when Zuma was no longer serving as the President of the country. They argued that he must pay his legal costs.


The state has been paying his legal fees since 2004 when the former President was till serving in government.

Jacob Zuma is saying all those fraud and corruption charges were levelled against him when he was still in office and a public servant thus the state must pay for his legal fees.

Legal experts however said the court judgement was justified. They revealed that when someone leaves a profile office some of the benefits are also stripped off that person.