Media personality Somizi Mhlongo has called on the president Cyril Ramaphosa to intervene now and stop gender based violence.

He took to Instagram to air his grievances in a video he posted on his page. Somizi said the time to end gender based violence was no later than now.

Somizi said the President must take a stand against Gender Based Violence, the same way he banned alcohol and cigarettes.

In addition to that he said women and children were being abused and killed on a daily basis while the President was talking and not taking any action against it.


Somizi went further to reveal that President Cyril Ramaphosa always mentions the names of those women who were killed by men in some of his addresses.

Furthermore, he urged the President to order a stop to Gender Based Violence, the same way he ordered the country to shut down and go into lockdown.

Somizi concluded by saying, the President’s family may be safe because they always have protection but that was not the case for ordinary women and children.