Mohale Tebogo Motaung has voiced his opinion on the controversial topic of being gay and a Christian.

Mohale recently spoke with gospel star NJ Kunene about faith and s_exuality in his Instagram live series, Let’s Talk with Mohale.

During their conversation, NJ said that it was not necessary to hide s_exuality as a church leader as it would have a negative effect on his faith.

The Online Influencer Mohale revealed that he found his s_exuality challenging, going to a Christian school and eventually being a church leader.


He said they were being told, not by God or the Bible but by people who were teaching, that being gay is not acceptable and wrong.

He started accepting all those words and living them in his life, saying he can’t be gay until he realised that people have been taking what the Bible is saying out of context.

Adding, he said the incorrect context had made him feel unworthy and unclean but when he realised this, he was able to shed these feelings.